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Clothing Creator

The Clothing Creator™ is a patented* machine process that manufactures clothing and related soft-goods without human labor in 45 seconds cycle per garment. In final stages of development, the process will use heat molding to form soft/pliable 3-D shapes permentalty formed into the fabric and ultrasonic bonding/cutting processes to join the materials together that will feature Computer-Integrated-Manufacturing (CIM) techniques, which are capable of generating garments of higher quality and lower production costs than those made by conventional cut-and-sew methods. Additionally the physically compact process offers decentralized manufacturing allowing for domestic micro factories at place of eventual usage of product, rather than oversees. Imports currently account for over 98% of appreal purchased domestically and 17%+ of trade deficite.

“We are creating a new vocabulary for the garment designer and manufacture that will feature cutting edge technology”, Stern says”. This process will never replace cutting and sewing, but this method can be applied to mass-produced, volume-oriented clothing production. The process will be useful in manufacturing a variety of garments, ranging from loose-fitting styles to highly contoured designs. The three-dimensional format of the process will be particularly well-suited to heavily constructed garments, since the built-in memory of the fabric will not be affected by repeated washings, drying, dry cleaning or ironing.

The Clothing Creator™ will accommodate a variety of knit, woven and non-woven materials that primarily contain synthetic fibers, such as, polyester, nylon, Spandex or polypropylene. Among the many types of garments that could be manufactured by this process are work clothing, career apparel, athletic garments, swimwear, medical disposables, health-care products, hazardous material protective garments, clean room clothing, outdoor wear, upholstery, doll clothing and highly contoured stuffed-toy shells.

The advantages of the Clothing Creator™ process:

  • Greatly reduced production costs,
  • Increased quality  of garments,
  • Reduction in lead time,
  • Capacity to produce new class of garments.

This work has been funded under the aegis of the National Science Foundation – Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR), U.S. Department of Energy – Energy Related Inventions Program (ERIP), New York State Energy and Research and Development Authority – Energy Products Center and the New York State Science and Technology Foundation. Research grants of $211,000 have been applied to this program.

U.S. Patent #4,645,629 *expired