Recycled Toilet Benches

What do you get when you smash a toilet bowl into a zillion pieces?

A method for recycling.

Created a proprietary concrete matrix material that applies the usage of fired ceramic product, such a toilet bowls, urinals and dishes and turns it into finished goods.

The domestic ceramic sanitaryware industry currently manufactures approximately 20.94 million individual units (toilet tanks and bowls, urinals, sinks, bidets) with the amount of secondary waste produced exceeding 35,869 tons per year. Project prposed to take these toilets and create an aggregate raw material out of them. The crushed material can then be designed into manufactured industrial and consumer products. The goal is to fabricate objects that use as their structured content the recycled clay, just as glass bottles, plastic containers and newspapers are recycled today back into products.

A typical concrete composite has as its weight content over 50% aggregate in its mixture. The concrete industry currently uses over 2 billion tons of gravel per year. Therefore, with just a 1% penetration into the aggregate industry, there would be a market demand for over 20 million tons of ceramic aggregate annually. If the penetration reached 1.79% the complete waste of the sanitaryware industry could be consumed.

Park benches Picnic tables Playground furniture Road barriers
Parking bumpers Garden furniture Fountains Trash/waste cans
Bollards Flooring tile Terrazzo products Planters

This park bench is an example of this application. Imbedded into the cement mixture was once a complete toilet bowl and tank weighing 52 pounds.