Clay is my favorite material. My afterschool job in high school was as an apprentice to a potter. I got to learn the craft from an old school perspective. I rolled out clay slabs with a metal pipe and mixed all of the lead-based glazes without a respirator. Great way to learn and respect any material.

My ceramic work rotates between creating traditional pottery, to designing production pieces, to technical investigation of the material and allied processing. I love the texture, the smell and the bright red hot flame from any style of kiln. Though, a primal material, my approach combined with my industrial design background pushes me down a road to explore and combine the technical aspects of the process with the aesthetic side of the material. Some days I’m covered with mud and sometimes I’m reading chemistry books. I take the knowledge I have about production and design problem solving techniques and merge them with methods I’ve learned from woodworking or product prototyping in other mediums to create work that has a unique perspective and colorful outcome.