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Marble Bathroom

There is a method to Brett’s madness. To complete the renovation of this new bathroom, he glued 25,132 glass marbles on to the floor, walls, ceiling, tub, doors and sink counter. The glass pieces are amorphic in shape, about an inch in diameter, 3/8″ thick, flat on one side and domed on the other. A combination of clear and frosted clear marbles were chosen to give a sublime texture to the surface. And yes, each marble was glued in place one at a time.

The marbles are sized small, approximately 5/8″ diameter and large, roughly 1″ diameter. The small size is available in thirty-two colors and the large in twelve. The colors are either translucent, opaque or cat’s eye. They are naturally glossy, but can be made frosted or with an iridescent finish. I’ve done an installation with 105,000 marbles and can’t wait to do 1 million. Anybody want a pool done?

* 6 days of gluing, 2 days of grouting, 1 day of cleaning.